Title Stability of antibody productivity is improved when hybridoma cells are entrapped in calcium alginate beads.
Year of Publication 1993
Authors G.M. Lee; B.Ø. Palsson
Journal PLoS Comput Biol
Abstract Loss of monoclonal antibody (MAb) productivity in long-term, free-suspended cell culture is often attributed to the appearance of a nonproducing population of hybridoma cell (NP) in the culture which has a growth advantage over the producing population (P). However, when an NP appears in long-term culture of entrapped cells, it may not be able to take over the whole culture in a short period of time due to the limited growth of the entrapped cells. In order to examine the hypothesis that entrapped cells can have improved stability of MAb productivity due to limited cell growth, free-suspended cell culture and calcium alginate-entrapped cell culture with inocula consisting of a P and an NP were compared with regard to stability of MAb productivity in a repeated fed-batch culture. In free-suspended cell culture, the NP appeared to take over the whole culture within three batches, and thereby MAb production completely disappeared. In entrapped cell culture, an NP appeared to outgrow the P rapidly only during an exponential growth phase, resulting in a significant decrease in specific MAb productivity, q(MAb), from 11.58 microg/10(6) cell/day to 2.76 microg/10(6) cell/day. However, when the cell growth was limited in entrapped cell culture, the NP no longer outgrew the P rapidly, as indicated by the stable value of q(MAb). In addition, when the cells recovered from the alginate beads by citrate buffer treatment were subcultured in free-suspended cell culture, MAb production rapidly deteriorated and completely disappeared within two batches. Thus, the P present at a small fraction of viable cell concentration in the beginning of the free-suspended cell culture, which were previously entrapped in alginate beads, seemed to be outgrown rapidly by the NP. Taken together, the results obtained from these experiments support the hypothesis that the limited cell growth in entrapped cell culture, which keeps an NP from taking over the whole culture, is responsible, in part, for the improved stability of MAb productivity.
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