Title Pseudogene repair driven by selection pressure applied in experimental evolution.
Year of Publication 2019
Authors A. Anand; C.A. Olson; L. Yang; A.V. Sastry; E. Catoiu; K.Sonal Choudhary; P.V. Phaneuf; T.E. Sandberg; S. Xu; Y. Hefner; R. Szubin; A.M. Feist; B.O. Palsson
Journal PLoS Comput Biol
Abstract Pseudogenes represent open reading frames that have been damaged by mutations, rendering the gene product non-functional. Pseudogenes are found in many genomes and are not always eliminated, even if they are potentially 'wasteful'. This raises a fundamental question about their prevalence. Here we report pseudogene efeU repair that restores the iron uptake system of Escherichia coli under a designed selection pressure during adaptive laboratory evolution.
URL 30692668